The Stoic Jew

Seneca and Sukkos (Seneca - Letter #18: On Festivals and Fasting)

September 20, 2021 Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss Season 5 Episode 37
The Stoic Jew
Seneca and Sukkos (Seneca - Letter #18: On Festivals and Fasting)
Show Notes

Synopsis: In today’s bonus episode we review the similarities and differences between Seneca’s version of sukkah and the Torah’s, as explained by the Rambam and Rashbam. We conclude with a question (or cluster of questions) about simchah (joy/rejoicing) as a theme of Sukkos and as an avodah (divine service) in its own right. Chag sameach!

This week's Torah content has been sponsored by an anonymous donor in gratitude to the YBT community for being so welcoming to the new guys, and to the "old" guys.

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