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Three Models of Grieving: Aurelius, Epictetus, and Rambam (Epictetus - Enchiridion 3)

February 16, 2023 Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss Season 11 Episode 2
The Stoic Jew
Three Models of Grieving: Aurelius, Epictetus, and Rambam (Epictetus - Enchiridion 3)
Show Notes

Length: 18 minutes
Synopsis: My primary goal in making this episode was to remove my "podcaster's block" that has been in place since the news of the four deaths reached me on 2/2/23. After recapping those events and their aftermath, I examine Marcus Aurelius's healthy approach to grief, followed by Epictetus's unhealthy approach, and then the superior approach of halacha as presented by the Rambam.

- Ryan Holiday, Daily Stoic email (5/10/22)
- Epictetus, Enchiridion (The Handbook) 3
- Rambam: Mishneh Torah, Sefer Shoftim, Hilchos Avel 13:11-12 

Articles I wrote in my grief:
- 2/5/23: My Eulogy for Adira Koffsky z"l (2004-2023)
- 2/8/23: Thoughts on Yesterday's Shivah Call in Detroit
- 2/9/23: Thoughts on the Seventh Morning
- 2/10/23: Spectral Clergy, Living Torah, and My Izzet Grieving Process

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The Torah content for this week has been sponsored by Sarah and Moshe Eisen, with the following message: "Dedicated in honor of Popo, who shined bright and brought joy to so many of us. And to Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss who shared her with us and continues to share thoughts, insights, and Torah."
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