The Stoic Jew

Vows to Hashem for Salvation and Gratitude (Seneca - Letters #73, 31)

April 11, 2023 Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss Season 11 Episode 8
The Stoic Jew
Vows to Hashem for Salvation and Gratitude (Seneca - Letters #73, 31)
Show Notes

Length: 23 minutes 35 seconds
Synopsis: In this episode we examine the practice of making a vow to Hashem at a time of distress - one of the major themes in Tehilim 116, which we recite in Hallel. We compare and contrast this to Seneca's views on gratitude (which align with Judaism) and his attitude towards vows (which does not). We focus on the real-world example of R' Sinai Adler, who made such a vow to Hashem at the gates of the crematoria of the Mauthausen, which he devoted his life to fulfilling after being saved.

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- Seneca, Letters #73 and 31
- Radak, Tehilim 116:12-19
- Devarim 8:10-18
- Rabbi Sinai Adler, Your Rod and Your Staff: A Young Man’s Chronicle of Survival, p.89,117
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