The Stoic Jew

TSJ Interlude: “Where Have You Been?” Secret Episode, Instagram, and More!

May 15, 2023 Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss Season 11 Episode 9
The Stoic Jew
TSJ Interlude: “Where Have You Been?” Secret Episode, Instagram, and More!
Show Notes

Length: 10 minutes 24 seconds
Synopsis: The aim of this short episode is to explain why I haven’t made an episode since before Pesach, but the REAL reason I’m making this episode is to help jumpstart my production of content for TSJ again. If you're interested in the secret episode, feel free to email me or reach out to me on WhatsApp. If you'd like to help me build my Instagram presence, check out and follow my account (if you are so inclined).
The Torah content for the first part of this week has been sponsored by Shmuel "with hakaras ha'tov to Hashem (and many yidden) on his engagement to Hadassa."
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