The Stoic Jew

The Medallion Experiment

July 30, 2021 Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss Season 5 Episode 9
The Stoic Jew
The Medallion Experiment
Show Notes

Synopsis: In today’s episode I discuss the three Stoic medallions I purchased – what they say, how their ideas are based in Judaism, and why I purchased them – as well as the fourth medallion which I have not yet purchased because I’m not on the level.

This week's Torah content has been sponsored by Sol and Chummie Azose, in honor of the upcoming 81st birthday of the Rosh ha'Yeshiva, Rabbi Yisroel Chait, and the 91st birthday of Sol's father, Hazzan Isaac Azose. 

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- Link to the medallions on The Daily Stoic Store
- Mishlei 1:9
- Seneca, Letter #91
- Mishlei 28:14
- Talmud Bavli Tamid 32a
- Aurelius, Meditations 5:20
- Mishlei 3:6
- Avos 2:4
- Aurelius, Meditations 2:11
- Koheles 7:2
- Avos 3:1
- Nietzsche (I don’t know the source)
- Mishlei 3:12
- Talmud Bavli Shabbos 98b
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