The Stoic Jew

TSJ Interlude: Vidui Yom ha’Kippurim and Memento Mori

September 15, 2021 Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss Season 5 Episode 36
The Stoic Jew
TSJ Interlude: Vidui Yom ha’Kippurim and Memento Mori
Show Notes

Synopsis: “Memento Mori” (remembering death) is a major theme in Stoicism and in Judaism – especially when it comes to doing teshuvah. We begin this episode by reflecting on statements by Chazal, the Rambam, and Marcus Aurelius about the sense of urgency created by the awareness of our mortality. But what can we do to incorporate this awareness into our experience of Yom ha’Kippurim? I believe that if we understand how Chazal framed the mitzvah of Vidui Yom ha’Kippurim, then we can convert it into a valuable “memento mori” tool which we can use to enhance our teshuvah on Yom ha’Kippurim. 

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- Avos 2:10
- Rambam: Teshuvah 7:1-2; 3:4; 2:7
- Bachya ibn Paquda: Admonition
- Aurelius Meditations 2:7,11; 4:17,37
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